When do you reach out for help?

Have you noticed that your father isn’t bathing as often as he should? Has your mother’s house started to take on the characteristics of a hoarder’s home? Or are you losing sleep worried that your parents simply need more care than you can provide. Whatever the reason may be taking that first step and making a call doesn’t need to be a big deal. Think of it as a time for information gathering. No decent care giving agency is going to try and trap you into a contract. We are here to help and that help begins with listening to your unique situation. Unless you need immediate care, generally, the next step is to have a meeting with a care planner. This is a great time to get a feel for the agency you will be working with. Most people in this field really care and you should get a good feeling right away. Go with your gut, if you don’t feel right about things, don’t do it. Remember these people will be taking care of your loved one and hopefully give you some peace of mind. When you know it’s time, make the call.


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