Preventing dehydration

Dehydration is a real problem for the elderly. It can lead to bladder infection, energy loss, mental confusion, and even hospitalization or death. How can you combat this? Pushing liquids may be easier said than done. So many of us have heard I’m not thirsty till we want to scream. An approach I often use is to remind my seniors that they don’t want a bladder infection or for their urine to smell strong. While you can’t actually force anyone drink more water, there are little flavored electrolyte tablets you can add that may make it more appealing. Or maybe you can make a bargain, for example, if you drink this glass of water I’ll make that dish you like so much for lunch, or play an extra game of cards this afternoon. Taking a little time and trying something different may seem like a hassle but a trip to the hospital would be far worse.