Help for Mom

Last week we had another call from a concerned daughter who was worried that her mom wasn’t taking care of herself as well as she should be. What can we do?

Well the answer is never the same from one family to the next but  help starts with a simple conversation.

In this case the parent knew she needed help but had no idea what to ask for.  The daughter lived out of town had a busy life, still   wanted to help so she contacted us.

After a couple of phone calls we decided to have a face to face, mother, daughter, potential caregiver and myself. We spent about an hour getting to know one another, figuring out what areas mom could use some help with and setting up a  schedule, leaving the financial arrangements for another time. ( in this case the daughter chose to handle the financial obligation herself)

It’s been a couple weeks and everything seems to be going well. The mother is getting the help she needs and the daughter has the confidence that someone is looking out for her mom.

I love this work!