A Smile Goes a Long Way

Over the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of hands on work with our clients.

My role is generally as an administrator but since we are a small, family run, local business everyone must be cross trained to step in to any situation.So, recently I’ve jump in and covered some caregiving shifts.

Like everyone, when I go to a client’s home I’m not completely sure what I might encounter. I’ve worked with seniors who are a complete delight to those who get angry because the sky is blue.

Not only do you need to be a patient and compassionate person to do this work, you also need to be a good actor.

No one is thrilled to start a shift at 7:30 am and face a fouled bed and upset client. A good caregiver can put their personal feelings aside, take control of the situation and the very best do it with a smile.

I feel great at the end of a shift when my client says thank you and asks when I will be back.

Stepping out of the office and into the role of caregiver is a great reminder of what is important.

Training caregivers to do their jobs in a way that does not embarrass our seniors and to do it with a smile is a goal of supreme importance to me.