Little Hazards

There are so many little things that can become hazardous when ones immune system is compromised. I don’t want to make anyone paranoid but as caregivers there are certain subjects we should all be aware of. For example, chips on cups, plates, bowls, and even cutting boards can present a big problem and should be discarded. This is not a crazy exaggeration. ¬†When you find a chip you need to ask yourself, where did that chip go? The stomach of an elderly or ill person is not as strong as it once was and there’s no telling what kind of damage that little chip may be doing. So don’t hesitate,throw it out! Or be creative turn that special cup into a pencil holder, a bowl can catch keys but please remove it from the table.

Just a little something we can do to help protect those we care for.


A great risk to consider

One of the most important things to consider as we, our parents, or friends get older is home safety.For example, what once may have been seen as a decorative addition to your home can suddenly become hazard. What we’re talking about here are throw rugs. Who would ever imagine that these seemingly harmless acsents could lead to a trip to the emergency room. As people get older they tend to not lift their feet as high as they once did, add failing eyesight and catching the edge of a small rug becomes a great risk. So, do a favor for someone you care about and discard all unnecasary floor fashion… you can thank me later.

Just another friendly tip from AHAH