Sandwich Generation

sandwichAre you part of the “sandwich generation”? Are you between 40 and 60? Supporting a child while caring for a parent, at home or from afar?
Well, I’m just about there. I’m 46, I have a child at home and my parents are beginning to need more of my time. As the owner of A Hand at Home,  you might think I’d know all the ins and outs of senior care. On one level I do, but when it comes to the delicate issue of helping my own parents, I’m right with everyone else.
Through my work I’ve found that most parents don’t want to be a burden to their children, but we kids need to know what’s going on and how to help. Right?
Try to sit down and have those personal talks as soon as you can. Find out where things stand and how your folks want issues to be handled should their circumstances change.
You don’t have to do it all alone, we’re here should you need some help. If you live far from your family, an agency like mine can take away a lot of worry. Give it a try and good luck, 530-545-0780

Help for Mom

Last week we had another call from a concerned daughter who was worried that her mom wasn’t taking care of herself as well as she should be. What can we do?

Well the answer is never the same from one family to the next but  help starts with a simple conversation.

In this case the parent knew she needed help but had no idea what to ask for.  The daughter lived out of town had a busy life, still   wanted to help so she contacted us.

After a couple of phone calls we decided to have a face to face, mother, daughter, potential caregiver and myself. We spent about an hour getting to know one another, figuring out what areas mom could use some help with and setting up a  schedule, leaving the financial arrangements for another time. ( in this case the daughter chose to handle the financial obligation herself)

It’s been a couple weeks and everything seems to be going well. The mother is getting the help she needs and the daughter has the confidence that someone is looking out for her mom.

I love this work!


Tahoe Trips made better

Want to take a trip to Tahoe but need help with a family member?
We can deliver that help!
A Hand at Home,domestic referral agency, well know for the great care they provide Tahoe locals is now offering temporary help to vacationers.
Whether attending a wedding or just up for a fun weekend, our experienced competent professional caregivers can assist with everything from bathing and other personal issues to providing companionship and supervision.
Call us today and let the fun begin!
530-545-0780 webready4

Where to begin

People tell me all the time how stressed out they feel when it comes to the care of a spouse or other family member. They know they need help but have no idea where to start. The first step is as easy as making a call. The first person you talk to when calling an in home care agency should be able to answer all sorts of questions and get you headed in the right direction.

In home care is not always the answer and a good care coordinator can help you find that out.

Call Cherri she’s terrific! Her experience and knowledge of issues concerning seniors and healing are unequaled.

It’s a simple step that doesn’t cost a penny, 530-545-0780, but it it’s worth millions.


Disabled Senior - Fun

Vacations should be for everyone.

A Hand at Home is located in beautiful South Lake Tahoe where people come from all over the world to enjoy nature and night life.

While visiting Lake Tahoe you will receive world class care and assistance. Our temporary services pair caregivers and aids for as few or as many hours needed.

Not sure what you may need or how everything works? Just give us a call and our no pressure  service coordinator can answer all your questions.

Be it personal care or a watchful companion we can help.


When the need is now

2744955727_26d186fe7a_bEarlier this week, I went out to meet a potential new client. The lady met me at the door in tears, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. She said that the arthritis in her hips was hurting her. We sat down and tried to talk but I soon realized there was no point, this lady needed immediate help.
I hopped on the phone, called her Dr. who said head to the ER, the problem was the ladies’ husband had dementia and she just couldn’t leave him. So I found an available caregiver to stay with her husband and we got her to the ER.
Two hours later she was home and beginning to feel better.
It may not have been the best thing to do business wise, but on a humanitarian level it was the only thing to do.
Love what I do!!

‘Water Club’ For Seniors Enhanced Wellbeing, Led To Fewer Falls And Better Hydration

I saw this article on Medical News Today and thought it was very worth reading.

The health benefits of ‘water clubs’ in care homes for the elderly, where residents gather together regularly to drink water, owe at least as much to the social nature of the activity as to the value of drinking water itself, an investigation by psychologists has shown.

The study, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), supports other findings that interventions aimed at improving individuals’ wellbeing and quality of life can be far more effective if they are carried out among groups of people in ways that generate a strong sense of group identity.

A team led by Professor Alex Haslam of the University of Exeter became interested in water clubs when one received widespread publicity. Small groups of residents in a care home met together to discuss the benefits of drinking more water and were encouraged to increase their intake of water. Members of the club reported enhanced wellbeing, fewer falls and better hydration than those who drank water alone.

“It is clear from this research and a series of other investigations that we have carried out that when people belong to a group, the sense of ‘us-ness’ that this creates plays a critically important role in processes of health and wellbeing,” said Professor Haslam. “We refer to this as ‘the social cure’,” collaborator Professor Catherine Haslam said, “and it is far more potent than many of the other treatments that are out there. Whether we are talking about stress, depression, or recovery from stroke, a supportive group life plays a critical role in a person’s clinical path.”

The researchers, together with another ESRC-funded researcher, Professor Jolanda Jetten, have published their findings in a book, ‘The Social Cure’, which brings together evidence from around the world showing how groups are central to health and wellbeing. “Humans are social animals – we have evolved for group life,” said Professor Jetten, co author of the book.

“Groups can boost our wellbeing but, at times, they can also drag us down and be a social curse. Precisely because group life is such an important determinant of health and wellbeing, we need to better understand these processes and dynamics” Professor Jetten concluded.

Fraud Alert!!!

The South Lake Tahoe Police Department received information of a scam to access retiree’s financial information. A person falsely presents themself as a representative from the local gas company and offers to set up an appointment to review the customer’s financial records. The representative claims they can lower the gas bill, if they can review the financial documents. The public should know Southwest Gas will not ever send anyone out to review personal financial information of customers. Anyone receiving a phone call of this nature, should not give any information. They should contact the police department. If someone arrives at your residence asking for personal information, call the police immediately at (530) 542-6100.

AHAH in the news

In case you missed it, A Hand at Home was in the Tahoe Daily Tribune on Saturday.

Here’s the story:

A Hand at Home, Lake Tahoe Personal Assistance offers non medical in home senior assistance or help while recovering from surgery, illness or injury.
Services the business can provide includes helping elderly family members with tasks such as preparing meals, taking a shower or being present when no one else is available. Staff can also help new moms around the house during the first weeks after a baby is born. Other services including assisting those recovering from surgery or illness.
“We are proud to be the only locally owned and operated, non franchised personal care agency in South Lake Tahoe,” a press release from the business stated. “It has been a dream of ours for many years to open a business that serves our neighbors when they need help the most.”
A Hand at Home is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured care-giving agency. Its team can provide care a few hours per week or every day. Its caregivers go through a comprehensive training program, are drug and background screened, and demonstrate a genuine desire to help others.
For more information, call 530-545-0780.


When do you reach out for help?

Have you noticed that your father isn’t bathing as often as he should? Has your mother’s house started to take on the characteristics of a hoarder’s home? Or are you losing sleep worried that your parents simply need more care than you can provide. Whatever the reason may be taking that first step and making a call doesn’t need to be a big deal. Think of it as a time for information gathering. No decent care giving agency is going to try and trap you into a contract. We are here to help and that help begins with listening to your unique situation. Unless you need immediate care, generally, the next step is to have a meeting with a care planner. This is a great time to get a feel for the agency you will be working with. Most people in this field really care and you should get a good feeling right away. Go with your gut, if you don’t feel right about things, don’t do it. Remember these people will be taking care of your loved one and hopefully give you some peace of mind. When you know it’s time, make the call.