Help Anytime

What would you do?
You’re home alone and you trip. It could be a rug, coffee table, mans best friend anything and it could happen anytime. Simply  walking, distracted for only a split second and down you go.
Hopefully you only bump your knee but what if it’s more serious?
Maybe you’ve lost consciousness or broken something and can’t get up.
How are you going to get help?
The phone is by your chair, in the other room or is it up on the counter? If you’re unconscious it doesn’t matter anyway.
How long will you lay there waiting for someone to realize that somethings wrong?

Did you know that some personal medical alert systems can detect falls?
Imagine this, you’re laying on the floor and a voice comes from a speaker connected to your phone “Mrs. Smith? This it Mary from XYZ Medical Alert. We detected a fall. Are you okey?”
This is a fantastic service! Depending on the response the operator receives or doesn’t receive you are not alone, help is on the way.

They can call 911, a family member, a neighbor or someone like me who is ready to respond to the emergency needs of my clients at anytime.
Not only can the pendants detect falls, they can be used when you don’t feel right or you hear a burglar or even if you suspect a fire. All you have to do is press the button and that comforting voice will ask if you need help.
My favorite is Philips Lifeline. I don’t get a commission for recommending them, my experience is that they are the best.
Here’s the link, check it out!